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About Kar Bhala Soch Bhala

Tha perfect topic for a Television series : Medical Science. In the process of making the programme we are governed by the motto "Primum Non Norcere" meaning First Do No Harm "Kar Bhala Soch Bhala". This motivates us in ensuring that the contents are for everybody "S good

Everything about the World "s 2nd oldest Profession....

Every week we have features around medical science: medicine, health, awareness, personalities, achivements, breakthroughs even controversies and humour besides interactive features like competitions, amateur reporting and options. Educative, Informative and throught provoking with a dash of humour.

The Long Journey through medical Science :- We have gonr through history of medicine from all over the world.

first episode was telecast on 2oth august 2005 - Weekly prograamme 1:30 pm